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Thump Racing announces Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

for its Belt Tensioner


The latest version of Thump RRR Racing’s heavy duty Belt Tensioner for Ford Mustang & other high performance Ford cars is specifically designed not to break or bend and protect damages to the engine created by torn or shredded belts.


FAIRFIELD, New Jersey - - February 1st, 2009 – After months of design and testing Thump RRR Racing LLC released the latest version of its heavy duty belt tensioner suitable for most modular motor equipped Ford Mustangs  & other motor equipped Ford vehicles using 3 bolt tensioners.  The company feels so convinced about the quality, durability & high performance of their belt tensioner that they are offering a lifetime replacement guarantee if you bend or break the tensioner.  Peter Mitas, the President of Thump-RRR-Racing LLC, comments “we are so confident about the strength & craftsmanship of our belt tensioner that our motto is “if you bend or break it we’ll replace it for free”.  


The belt tensioner’s strong construction consists of heavy duty CNC machined billet aluminum bracket & pulley. The internal components consist of 2 heavy duty thrust bearings to ensure high performance & stability & one high grade needle bearing which rides on a hardened shaft that is pressed on the base of the tensioner. High quality materials are used throughout for long service life and high performance. The strong idler pulley is constructed to allow for the option of using an 8 Rib set up or a 6 Rib set up depending on your needs.  No extra hardware or adapters needed to upgrade to an 8 Rib set up when the tensioner is ordered with one of our billet idlers.  The stock spring is re-clocked to provide a 30% greater tension over stock.


Due to the belt tensioner’s construction which is of billet aluminum construction and at least 50% thicker than the factory tensioner, the arm does not bend which will cause the belt to jump or wear on the sides.  Peter Mitas comments that “for those who run twin screw blowers there will be no more dented hoods due to shredded belts”.  


Chris Reiser, of JDM Engineering, a Ford Specialists company based in Freehold NJ adds:

“It's pretty hard to impress us, but after trying two of Peter's tensioners on problematic vehicles here (one was on his FIFTH stock tensioner), we've ordered them in bulk and we are keeping them in stock. Every car using a 3.20" pulley or smaller and every manual transmission car period is being recommended one of these.


Wes Kallas of Powerhouse Racing and Performance, Naples Fl. simply puts it: “If you’re having belt problems get this tensioner you won’t regret it, it’s Awesome”.

The belt tensioner comes in different colors (silver, gold, black, blue & red)  is reasonably priced and can be purchased online from www.thumpracing.com or by calling 1 862 210 8512. For dealer inquiries domestic and international & online opportunities you can contact Mr. Tino Kyprianou at tino@thumpracing.com or call 1 973 410 1389


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