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For months I've been trying to resolve a belt squeak on my Saleen supercharged 2006 Mustang GT. I've heard about people breaking tensioners, bending them and how much better this tensioner is but I always figured I must be one of the lucky ones, my tensioner seemed perfectly fine.

After trying just about everything else I finally bought the Thump RRR Racing tensioner and I only wish I'd have made this move sooner. I took the stock tensioner off and if it is bent, it is just slightly but I did notice a few stress cracks in the tensioner. After putting it all back together with the new tensioner that annoying belt squeak was gone.

My belt was not wearing on the sides, no cracks or missing spots, no filling in the grooves and still looks practically brand new after less that 2,000 miles. The noise I had was a chirping that only happened when the engine was cold. 
THANKS Thump_RRR Racing!!!




Thanx to Thump_rrr Racing. to ship the tensioners fast. I'm from Kuwait and they help me too much . Thanks, Khaled



It's pretty hard to impress us, but after trying two of Peter's tensioners on problematic vehicles here (one was on his FIFTH stock tensioner), we've ordered them in bulk and we are keeping them in stock. Every car using a 3.20" pulley or smaller and every manual transmission car period is being recommended one of these.

Chris Reiser -Sales Associate

Team JDM (732) 780-0770

60 Jerseyville Ave, Freehold NJ 07728



I have no issues except for a few seconds of squeaks (before that a few minutes) but it is not the tensioner (on the drivers side?) but I will be buying as it is the best tensioner on the market and these TS's will break or bend stock metal very easily! JMO



The Thump rrr Racing tensioner now fits 03-04 Cobras. After a few tweaks to perfectly align the tensioner with the grooved idler pulley on the Terminators we now have a new addition to our lineup.



Just to clear up a couple of points... Problems with belts and tensioners seem to follow manual trans cars that power shift at higher than 9 pounds of boost. As stated before the OEM system uses a separate, shorter, belt for this reason. From the testing that has been done the thump-rrr tensioner eliminates this problem, repeat ELIMINATES THIS PROBLEM.

I really don't want to get into a what's better turbo or blower debate, they are all great. I went with the blower because I didn't think I could pull off the turbo install and my goals were a mid 11 second car, easily done with the KB or any good power adder.


This tensioner is still holding up great! Many passes and not a single issue to date! 550rwhp stick 05.

BMR Fabrication
JPC Racing


First I wanna say thanx to Peter for getting the tensioner to me on such short notice and he only had fifteen minutes to overnight it to me UPS!!!! The package arrived early AM today and he shipped yesterday. So right on on PETER!!!!! Ok I put it on and loaded a tune in the car and made a 1/4 mile pass on my mustang dyne. ran real quick and fast for only 15psi and stock 331 gears.. (wont say the HP cuz I'm on pinks in Gainesville with it next week.) Took it out on the street and ran it a bit on the Mickey ET Streets (26x11.5x15). So far I made it a mile and no sign of a shredded belt! ( this beats the usaul block by quite a bit!!). Had to return to the shop and head home. Just got here about 30 mins ago. lol. been tuning cars for 12 hours today! I will repost tomorrow on my findings when I tweak the tune for my mono-blade TB.


Wes Kallas
Powerhouse Racing and Performance
Houchin St. Naples Fl.



Thump_rrr tensioner is installed on the Vortech car...the customer is stress testing it as I type...I don't think we will have anything to worry about.

Thank You Peter. I'll let you know when I need another one.

Kevin @ Karl's East Coast Speed
2007 Shelby GT-500
Stage III Kenne Bell